End-Times Ministries International (ETM) is a non-denominational ministry that was birthed in 1987 by Apostle Joseph L. Sims of Riverside Faith Temple Ministries located at 2355 Pennsylvania Avenue in Riverside, California. This ministry was designed to bring spiritual covering, encouragement, instruction, direction, teaching and healing to struggling Pastor’s and their ministries. Under the direction of Apostle Sims it blossomed into a powerful network of five-fold ministry gifts that traveled the globe preaching Christ and manifesting the power of the Holy Ghost.

Apostle Sims was a father to many around the world but in 2005 he died of prostate cancer. His death brought about a lull within ETM due to the fact that it has taken years for most to recover the loss of such a great Man of God. His presence is still felt today amongst those who loved and knew him well.

Today Apostle Beatrice M. Sims (his wife) is the Overseer and Pastor Jerry Hardison is the Administrator. ETM continues to provide Spiritual Covering for Pastors and Ministries in need as well as Apostolic Preaching & Teaching, Conferences, Serminars, Revivals, Outreach Events and Training, Prophetic Activation, Release & Training, Dance and Praise & Worship Workshops, Leadership Training, Financial Teaching, Counseling, Prayer Meetings, Deliverance, Healing, Hospitality, Armourbearer Training and Instruction. Today we preach the Kingdom!

ETM is rebuilding in old territories and branching out into new. In approximately 2003, a prayer group was started in San Diego, California to intercede on behalf of ETM and the ministry work being done in that region. Today it is still hanging on despite the opposition and the dwindled number of people. Knowing the power of prayer, Pastor Jerry is personally spearheading this project to catapult it to another level as a foundation to bring ETM back into San Diego for more work to be done through this ministry.

ETM is currently looking for a venue to hold the monthly prayer meeting in San Diego.