Pastors Ruben & Diana Guitron

Riverside Peacemakers
Ruben & Diane Guitron

Riverside Peacemakers Ministries was establish in the year 1993 under the leadership of Apostle Joseph L. Sims and Apostle Beatrice Sims of Riverside Faith Temple Ministries. Apostle Joseph L. Sims had a vision of working with officials in the City of Riverside, that included the Mayor, City Counsel, Parole, Probation, Riverside Police Department, Riverside City College (RCC), University of California Riverside (UCR), and Riverside Unified School District (RUSD).

During a time when crime was at a rise, the City was looking for a way to suppress the violence before it destroyed the lives of our youth today. After numerous attempts of collaborating with the community and not getting the response he needed, to make a difference, Apostle Joseph L. Sims choose Ruben Guitron to create and establish a street ministry that went on for 14 years, and began to change the lives of not hundreds but thousands of youth throughout the City of Riverside.

Riverside Peacemakers have been recognized and received numerous awards for their work including proclamations from the Mayor of Riverside, NAACP, Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressmen Rod Pacheco, Assemblymen Jose Medina, City of Riverside Councilmen Ameal Moore and Andy Melendriz and Riverside Unified School District.

With the passing of Apostle Joseph L. Sims, Apostle Beatrice Sims ordained Ruben Guitron as Pastor of Riverside Peacemakers under the covering of Riverside Faith Temple Ministries and Apostle Beatrice M. Sims, Overseer of End-Times Ministries International. Riverside Peacemakers has become the go-to-ministry in Riverside whenever crises arise with our youth, parents, and community. The vision of Joseph L. Sims continues to live through his wife Apostle Beatrice Sims, the End-Times Ministries International and the Riverside Peacemakers Ministries.